New Site, New Work

I've jumped on the SquareSpace bandwagon! Expect to see more regular updates, as well as a regular feed of inspiration and ephemera.

These past couple weeks have been very productive for me. In addition to drawing a few comics (see the previous post) I've been working on a new font based off some lettering I created for a book cover. Here's an overview of the Glyphs I've drawn so far:

I'm at a crossroads, trying to determine where I should push this. I'm not sure a lowercase alphabet makes much sense, and I could always expand this into multiple weights if I was feeling particularly nuts. In any case, there's still plenty of work to be done with what I have; still need to draw numerals, punctuation, and improve some of the characters I'm still not satisfied with. Not happy with the J, R, S, or W yet. Always seem to be the problem ones. I would love to hear comments or feedback!